Curated health and plan data in a consumer-centric experience helping employers achieve ongoing savings of time, money, and resources.



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Find out how Unna saved 15% on healthcare costs after one year for a Seattle, WA employer with 250 employees.

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CFO saving time, money, and resources

Save Time

Unna unifies and curates health and plan data presented in meaningful dashboards and reports so your team stays focused on what they do best while Unna watches over healthcare. 

Save Money

Unna digs deep to uncover and notify you of savings opportunities then delivers expert advice including managing modifiable risk .


Save on Resources

Unna is your informaticists, trusted advisor, and has tools to keep up with your broker and administrators so you experience immediate savings on costly resources.

Happier, Healthier Employees

Long term savings and risk mitigation starts with showing your employees you care by providing tools that allow for  making smart healthcare decisions.


For Employers

Self-insured employers across industries who are looking for year over year cost savings and a healthy employee population.

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For Brokers

Brokers gain competitive advantage, provide value-add, and new revenue streams  though Insights.  

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Insights for Employers & Brokers

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