We believe healthier employees makes for winning businesses - powered by Intelligent Health


Every decision we make centers around efficiency in achieving positive outcomes for employees and their families.  At Unna, we believe healthier employees makes for ongoing savings and thriving businesses — powered by Intelligent Health in a user-friendly experience. 


Self-Funded Business Leaders

For the Self-Funded Ecosystem

We work with and often times through your third party administrators, brokers, and consultants to deliver cost transparency and decision support so everyone is in the know.

Beyond Analytics

Unna is committed to experience-driven solutions that cut through the jargon and overwhelming data to provide simplistic yet powerful presentation of actionable data insights.

Intelligent Health Platform
Smart healthcare decisions

Simple, Actionable

Unna's industry leading, proprietary analytics and predictive models dig deep to discover cost savings opportunities and helps you navigate achieving those savings.

Data-Driven, Consumer-Centric

Unna brings all your data into a single platform, analyzes, predicts, and reports all in an experience designed for making anyone healthcare-savvy.

Beautiful Portland and Mt. Hood

A Little About Us

Unna is an innovative, intelligent health technology company who believes happy, healthy employees make for winning businesses.  Founded in 2019 and based in the ever beautiful Pacific Northwest, Unna is privately held and led by industry experts; all proven leaders in starting businesses and taking concepts to market at scale. 

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