UNNA App, There when you can't be.

Empowering caregivers through connected people, resources, and tools in a easy to use dashboard.

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One app, simple, peace of mind.


Caregiver Wellness

Caregiving resources, care plans, community-based support

Loved Ones

Go about your day knowing Unna is there when you can't be 

UNNA's easy to use mobile dashboard for  monitoring elderly parents at home remotely

Health Status

Remotely monitor health and wellness, stay informed


HIPPA Compliant

Store and easily share medical, legal, finance documents

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"I love Unna because really, it's the not knowing when I can't be there that's the worst." 

-Jacqui J., Portland, OR

How Unna Works

Create your Circle
Build your care circle, and stay connected to those needing care and helping provide it.
Track Health Data
UNNA App helps you kept track of your loved ones health status and history.
Peace of Mind
Relax knowing Unna is there and will keep you connected and informed.
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Who loves using Unna App

UNNA app helps age in place seniors stay connected

Age-In-Place Seniors

Our loved ones who enjoy their Independence, welcome social engagement, and need assistance whether rides, medication and vitals tracking, or just staying in touch often, UNNA is there when you can't be.


Family Caregivers

You Whether caring for loved ones is your full or part-time job, or you are remote and want to stay connected and informed, UNNA is the comprehensive and simple to use with features and services to provide what you need.


Patient Discharge

This With UNNA, discharge teams gain insights through status, analytics, and dashboards while staying in touch with caregivers, providing content through UNNA, and dramatically reduced re-admissions. All in our one APP solution.

Friends of Unna

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