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Comprehensive and simple.

We are driven by empowering caregivers through technology made simple


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Why Us?




As business and technology leaders, we've done this before, at global scale.



We love helping people through technology and are passionate about delivering value


We Get It

Like you, we are caregivers. And, we listen to our peers, to make product with you, not just for you 



Be honest, be resolute, embrace change, collaborate, and practice deep work. Then, let's have fun.
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Our mission is to empower caregivers through advanced technology made simple

Unna Platform

Unna - comprehensive and simple
A resilient cloud infrastructure that will port across zones and regions
Infrastructure built for infinite scale both vertical and horizontal 
A robust works with Unna API for turn-key partnerships and services. 
100% HIPAA compliant in both systems and architecture

Our vision is Unna as a valued member of families in an aging society.

For caregivers, by caregivers

Like you, we were frustrated with having to piecemeal apps and gadgets that don’t talk to each other and eventually, gave up.  So, we're changing things.

Jason Bennett
CEO & Co-Founder
"the creative leader with vision and passion, and the experience to make it happen."
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Manny Veloso
CTO & Co-Founder
"the cutting-edge technologist who knows a
whole lot, about a whole lot.
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