The reason real-time, contextual cost transparency is not available in your organization today is that your member’s health, financial, and demographic data is siloed across a long list of providers, vendors, and back office systems.  Quarterly and or annual reports only show snippets of the data and summarized by spend categories with few to zero actionable results.   The problem is, buried in the siloed data and reports are numerous cost savings opportunities.


Here at Unna, we unify the data silos and reports to present contextual, relevant, and real-time data in a consumer-centric interface shared with stakeholders throughout the eco-system.   Having cost transparency in a simple to use format allows for making smart decisions as well as accountability. 

At Unna, we believe immediate and ongoing healthcare cost savings starts with engaged and empowered employees and continues with business stakeholders having access to real-time, actionable insights in simple to use technology.  We're happy to do the heavy lifting on healthcare so employers can focus on the tasks at hand, increase productivity, and instill a culture of happier, healthier employees who stick around and tell their friends.  

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