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Track your health data, and your loved ones in a easy to understand dashboard

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UNNA App is there for you when you can't be, by remote monitoring Your Loved Ones health stats in a easy to understand dashboard.

Unna health and wellness dashboard moniter elderly parents

Your Wellness

Personalized recommendations based on your health data and artificial intelligence.


Their Health

Peace of mind that someone's heart you care for is still beating and healthy.



Remotely monitor health status of your Care Circle through Apple Watch, Fitbit, or iHealth.

Remote tracking health status with UNNA App provides you peace of mind so you don't have to worry if family members are OK.

Heart Rate Monitoring
heart rate monitoring app
Blood Pressure Monitoring
blood pressure monitoring app
Activity Monitoring
activity monitoring app

Wellness Optimized

The next generation of connected health

A simple to use dashboard that helps people stay healthy, make informed decisions based of health data, and keep track of their family's wellness.

UNNA app is 100% HIPAA Compliant and Integrated with Leading Wearable Tech

caregiver app Unna remote health monitoring dashashboard

Don't worry about your loved ones when you can't be there!

Unna Works With These Major Brands

remote health monitoring apple watch
Unna works with Apple Watch
remote health monitoring fitbit
Unna works with Fitbit
remote health monitoring with ihealth
Unna works with iHealth

And has Partnered with

1upHealth Unna partner