Unna Insights, a HIPAA compliant  Cloud

HIPAA cloud services, intelligent data analysis, and white-label mobile experience for your end users

UNNA works with iHealth, Fitbit, & Apple HealthKit

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The HIPAA compliant cloud platform for optimizing, innovating, and growing market share through rich behavioral and health data captured via our white-label mobile application built for dynamically engaging end users with personalized, results-driven content.

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100% HIPAA Compliant

UNNA Insights cloud and white-label App are HIPAA compliant .


Robust Cloud Integration's

UNNA Insights is integrated with the leading connected health devices.


Connect with Customers

Turn customers into brand ambassadors by dynamically engaging them.

The Insights framework supports integration with disparate health data sources like connected-health and wearables (currently iHealth, Fitbit, Apple HealthKit) and store in our data lake for predictive analytics.

Heart Rate Monitoring
heart rate monitoring app
Blood Pressure Monitoring
blood pressure monitoring app
Activity Monitoring
activity monitoring app

Wellness Optimized

Insights is a HIPAA compliant SaaS platform

UNNA Insights is integrated with a growing portfolio of connected-health products and services and designed for optimizing business operations, innovating product lines, and growing market share through mobile-led dynamic engagement with end-users. Operators across verticals in healthcare and consumer wellness markets can customize the engagement experience and stream results-based content while capturing the data needed to make vital business decisions.

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UNNA app is 100% HIPAA Compliant and Integrated with Leading Wearable Tech

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Don't worry about compliance or wonder if customers are following instructions, engage with them based on health data.

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