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mHealth web and app portals are static.
Be dynamic and ensure optimal patient and caregiver experience.

UNNA Insights allows you to dynamically engage your end-users while capturing valuable behavioral and health data. Our HIPAA compliant cloud extends your reach into the home and ensures people receive a personalized experience. Engage in real-time, and capture insights to ensure your customers get the best results. Our white-label mobile app provides compliance with results-based content. The UNNA Insights platform integrates with most sensor-based connected health and wearable devices. UNNA works with iHealth, Fitbit, and Apple Healthkit, giving operators power to model health statistics in tandem with their products utilization. Contact today Us to find out more.   

Population Engagement


Why simply present static information in an app when you can be dynamic? Engage, gain insights, improve the experience for all.

Valuable Data Insights


Unna Insight is engineered with thousands of data points from feature use and response times to connected health and location.  

Operational Savings


Unna Insight allows you to optimize operations and save on resources by reducing labor-intensive tasks.

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