The issue with having access to large sets of data and highly detailed reports based on data, well, it’s just data.   


We use billions of data points, expert input and content, machine learning and data science to deliver contextual, valuable actionable insights for stakeholders and employees.   Whether informing you that one of your providers is trending up in revisits, or that 35% of pharmacy spend could be saving by switching to generics, or maybe an evidence-based report of why an onsite clinic makes sense, actionable insights is business intelligence in real-time. 

At Unna, we believe immediate and ongoing healthcare cost savings starts with engaged and empowered employees and continues with business stakeholders having access to real-time, actionable insights in simple to use technology.  We're happy to do the heavy lifting on healthcare so employers can focus on the tasks at hand, increase productivity, and instill a culture of happier, healthier employees who stick around and tell their friends. 

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